St. Louis, the heart
of a racial war

Contemporary frontiers

During the presidential campaign we went to the U.S. to travel some 5.000 km along the biggest American river, the symbol of the new frontier.

We traveled westward from St. Louis to the glaciers of Montana, in a sort of contemporary version of the Lewis and Clark expedition. We believe that the Missouri River is an ideal vantage point to look at iconic places with a fresh eye and that it offers a contemporary view on the pioneer spirit and the myth of the frontier. Traveling in the footsteps of the Corps of Discovery Expedition we tried to evoke that extraordinary adventure through places, documents and interviews investigating new challenges and contemporary frontiers.

On Aug. 9 2016, on the second anniversary of the shooting of Michael Brown Jr. and the following unrest in Ferguson, MO, the first of five video reports produced along the Missouri River was aired on the Italian National Broadcast channel RaiNews24.

The agrarian dissent

Nebraska, USA

Cowboys, the new Prairie natives

South Dakota, USA

Willingston's black stain

North Dakota, USA

Countermand in the Far West

Montana, USA



Between July and August 2016, 5 reportages were published on SETTE, the weekly magazine of Corriere della Sera. Here you can see the tearsheets.

Amerigo media award

Florence, Italy

The Amerigo media award is presented each year to ten journalists who are selected by a jury for having contributed significantly to the improvement of Italians’ awareness of America. The prize has different categories and The River Journal was awarded in the photography section.