Where ingenuity
meets Nature

Among the Villages,
at the springs of enchantment

Their names are reminiscent of ancient times, they dominate a landscape that continues its tale of enchantment and the unusual fusion of human talent and nature.

The Appenine towns have nurtured Italian culture, they have formed its character, traditions and language ... And the most natural way to discover them is to let yourself be inspired by the springs that feed them and the rivers that flow through them. Here you will hear stories of men and of magic stones, of Maiolica pottery and golden snakes, of underground cities and wines aged in glaciers.

Approaching the villages and listening to their voices means obeying the call of our souls; gradually getting to know them from the inside out brings out the best in us, it helps us find that which we believed to have lost in our haste.

A small world, an open-air work of art that has no rival, Roman ruins, monasteries, castles, narrow lanes and churches are not part of a museum here but rather of an everyday theatre.

“These highlands and valleys might be difficult to reach because they are off the beaten path, but if you make it there and stay a while, you’ll gain experience that will long remain in your heart.”

Giannermete Romani

Ass. L’Olivo e la Ginestra

the healing serpent

Offida, Le Marche

the stone of eternity

Ascoli Piceno, Le Marche

Wine with altitude

Pietracamela, Abruzzo

A maiolican sky

Castelli, Abruzzo

the bard of Valnerina

Vallo di Nera, Umbria

The fount of the syrians

Sellano, Umbria

In the heart of Italy

Rieti, Lazio

Mountain sailing

Castel di Tora, Lazio

It was once known as “Little Switzerland” due its fortresses, castles and medieval villages perched upon the rocky slopes overlooking Lake Turano. Today, this artifical basin, with its cobalt-colored waters, amongst the cleanest in Italy, is famous for being home to a Naval League centers, which promotes water sports using canoes, keelboats and sailboats.

Motor boats are banned, and mass tourism has yet to descend upon this aquatic haven. The result being that there is still an atmosphere of tranquillity all year round. Our guide is Fabio Piscicchia, president of the local Naval League, who escorts us on a sailing excursion in the shadow of Mount Navegna and Mount Cervia in a ten-meter long boat. Anyone can rent these boats, use them to bathe in the lake or simply to admire the verdant views of the mountaintops from this stretch of calm water.

Despite its 40km circumference, Fabio can guarantee that the Turano is ideal for learning to sail safely as there are no currents or waves. And it is an ideal place for recreational fishing and sampling tender, freshwater fish, such as pike and carp. The lake is deep and is fed by springs flowing down from the surrounding mountains, ensuring the constant renewal of waters.