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Altri Raccolti

A web-documentary about a small but epoch-making change in the Italian agriculture sector – the experimental use of good practices by farmers that are trying to build an ethical and sustainable supply chain.

This multimedia project is developed on three narrative levels: the denunciation of caporalato, a system spread across the country that exploits unskilled labour, especially immigrants, forcing them to work in slavery-like conditions; the story of the transformation of the farmers’ mentality, prompted to apply ethical standards by new laws and an increasingly conscious and demanding retail market; and the portraits of the workers, farmers and institutions that are at the centre of this change.

Following five fresh produce case studies, Altri Raccolti captures the real-life drama of illegal work exploitation in agriculture while offering a positive perspective: specific methods that can help prevent illicit practices and enhance workers’ conditions. A set of good practices that, if further developed and replicated, could become a reference point for other famers. And could give Italian agriculture the opportunity to overcome a deep-rooted problem, adding an ethical mark to the excellence in taste that already distinguishes its produce.

Altri Raccolti tells about 5 different best practices in agriculture: tomatoes, grapes, olives, vegetables and oranges.

The web-documentary will be launched in may / june 2018.

Web-doc launch

Bruxelles, Belgium